Vins Extrêmes

25-26 November 2017

Forte di Bard / Valle d'Aosta

International extreme wines from heroic viticolture

Vins Extrêmes means discovery, meetings and sharing experiences, know-how and stories about the difficulties and passion of cultivating grapes in heroic lands, about bringing to life unique, exceptional wines, wines that speak of people, families, tradition and, above all, the land.

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Forte di Bard Valle d'Aosta

The Forte di Bard and Borgo di Bard complex is the new cultural pole of the western Alps. Following the restoration of the imposing Savoy fortress and certain adjacent areas, the interior of a single structure provides innovative spaces and services for culture and high-quality accommodations.

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Practical information on the location of the show.


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How to reach Forte di Bard in Valle d'Aosta.


Institutional partners

Associazione Viticoltori Valle d'Aosta
Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta
Forte di Bard
Institut Agricole Régional
La Chambre valdôtaine des entreprises et des activités libérales
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