2017 edition


Saturday, November 25th

10h00 Inauguration

Opening tasting

 11h00 Roundtable: "Heroic viticulture: a heritage of lands and cultures to be protected and valued as a uniqueness in the age of globalization."

 14h00 Guided tasting "Valle d'Aosta and Valais: deepening of two terroirs in comparison" by AIS Valle d'Aosta

 15h00 Roundtable: "Heroic Wines and Innovation: a possible marriage"

 15h45 Laboratory of taste "Tradition and simplicity: cheese and potatoes of the Aosta Valley" by Slow Food and FISAR

 17h30 Guided tasting "Sweet temptations: wines passed" by AIS Valle d'Aosta

 17h45 Presentation Guide VINIBUONI D'ITALIA and awards of the producers in Aosta Valley who have been awarded the Golden Crown and Golden Awards

19h00 Closing day

Sunday, November 26th

10h00 Opening to the public

11h15 Guided tasting "Extreme landscapes: wines from small islands" by AIS Valle d'Aosta

 11h30 Award ceremony for the CERVIM's Mondial des Vins Extrêmes competition

 14h00 Laboratory of taste "On the cutting edge of ancient traditions: Sausages and sausages in Valle d'Aosta" by Slow Food and FISAR

 15h00 Roundtable: "Wine, tourism and communication"

 15h45 Guided tasting "The timeless charm of Porto, Madeira and Banyuls" by AIS Valle d'Aosta

 17.30 Laboratory of taste "Pan ner, flantse, mecoulin and micooula: the rediscovery of bakery products" by Slow Food and FISAR

 18h30 Closing 

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