Azienda Agricola Pianta Grossa di Luciano Zoppo Ronzero

Valle d'Aosta / Italy

"We are one of the youngest winegrowers in the Aosta Valley, but we have solid roots
and ancient "

For 396 years a chestnut had grown into a court, becoming more and more impressive, so much so to make commonly call the farmhouse around Pianta Grossa. In 2009, for a disease, that 25-meter colossus was demolished. Because the tree's strength continued to permeate that place, Luciano in 2014 decided to call Pianta Grossa also his newborn wine-growing company, which is home to the old farmhouse.

Behind the morainic mountain with family vineyards, reared on steep pergola terraces where Nebbiolo Picotendro grows.

The wines of Pianta Grossa are reflected in the stature and strength of that old chestnut.

Type of extreme viticulture: Mountain, Terraces
Type of vines: Nebbiolo,
Wine hectares: 2
Bottles produced: 12000
Editions: 2017
Azienda Agricola Pianta Grossa di Luciano Zoppo Ronzero

Via Roma, 213
11020 Donnas AO
Valle d'Aosta / Italy

+39 348 0077404

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