Cave Montblanc

Valle d'Aosta / Italy

At the foot of Mont Blanc, our cellar keeps the secret of the highest vineyards in Europe. The autochton grape, the man and his relationship with the earth make our wine poetry capable of telling the terroir. Alpine reality, made of rock of pure water and of winter frost. Fragrances, nuances, flavors, and characters contained in these wines tell the tenacity, culture, tradition and identity of the earth at the foot of White Mountain.

Type of extreme viticulture: Slope, Mountain, Terraces
Type of vines: Prié Blanc
Wine hectares: 18
Bottles produced: 13000
Editions: 2015, 2017
Cave Montblanc de Morgex et La Salle Soc. Coop.

Chemin des Iles, 31
11017 Morgex AO
Valle d'Aosta / Italy

+39 0165 800331

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