• Enovitis Extreme

    Enovitis Extreme

    Quart Aosta Valley 19 July 1018

  • Wineries list

    Wineries list

    Abbazia Di Novacella Alto Adige Italia Agricola Durin Liguria Italia Azienda Agricola Bio Fenech Lipari Sicilia Italia Azienda Agricola Bonin Dino Valle d’Aosta Italia Azienda Agricola Piantagross...

  • The special guests

    The special guests

    Special guests in this editon  Enoteca della Liguria (Italia)  Gobierno de Canarias - Vinos de Islas Canarias ( Isole delle Canarie Spagna) http://www.gmrcan...

  • Not just wine

    Not just wine

    The art exhibition inside Forte di Bard can be visited during the weekend of Vins Extrêmes.

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