The Principality of Andorra

In this edition of the event among the guest areas there will be the Principality of Andorra whose wines you can taste.

The Principality of Andorra is a small state that extends into the Pyrenees, between France and Spain, in a mountainous area. The average altitude is almost 2000 meters and the climate is continental in the valleys, with significantly cooler summers due to the average altitude, while the territories above 2000 meters have the typical alpine climate. The environmental conditions in which the vine has grown in Andorra is 1190 meters in a predominantly clayey soil. With a tourism-related economy, agricultural production is strongly limited by the mountain environment. Here, viticulture has not had a great development, although traces have been found in the 10th century. Nevertheless, almost for experimental purposes, a tobacco producer planted, around the beginning of 2000, one hectare of Gewürztraminer, a variety that is well suited to cold climates.

Other wineries are following the example in what, in this difficult territory and reasonably seen, can certainly be called heroic viticulture.

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