Join us on 25 and 26 November at Vins Extrêmes 2017.

The second edition of Vins Extrêmes awaits you at the splendid Forte di Bard in Valle d'Aosta on 25 and 26 November 2017.

In addition to tasting of the wines of participating winemakers, the event also includes: guided tasting, tasting workshops, round tables and seminars. Visitors will also have a chance to taste the winning wines at the Mondial des Vins Extrêmes, the international competition organised by Cervim. Prizes for the top wines of the 25th edition of the competition will be awarded on Sunday morning. For details, visit 

The entrance to the manifestation involves the purchase of a glass with its clutches. The cost of the ticket is € 20 for the single day and € 30 for the two days. AIS, FISAR, ONAV and Slow Food members are expected to pay € 15 a day and € 25 for the two days (present the valid card for the current year).

The glass gives the right to taste the wines of the participating companies and the wines of the 25th edition of Mondial des Vins Extrêmes.

You will be able to book the tastings and the workshops that we remember are numbered and you have to pay extre 15 €, on the Eventbrite site at the following link

There is also a free entrance to the exhibition "Da Raffaello a Balla" to those who come to the Forte ticket offices with entry to Vins Extremes (both for 1 and 2 days).

In addition, visitors to Vins Extremes will be entitled to a reduced ticket to all Bard Fort's exhibition spaces.

Service bus free  9.00- 19.00 h.

Parking Bard SS 26:


Centrale Cva

San Giovanni


Parking Hône:

Five zones in the centre of the village near Fort de Bard.

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