Azienda Agricola Andreola di Stefano Pola

Veneto / Italy

The work of man modifies the territory, transforming the shape and the rhythm.Since 1984, the year in which Nazzareno Pola founded the family estate in the heart of the zone of production of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, Andreola has been an active part in this transformation. Today Stefano Pola continues to manage the estate with the same philosophy as his father, with the awareness that the best protection (defence) of the territory is the profound knowledge (total understanding) that Prosecco Superiore is not just a product but a living being (something alive): the result of the evolution of the vine, of its adaptability to the terrain and the climatic diversity, of labour which is still completely manual, of a “heroic viticulture”.

Type of extreme viticulture: Slope, Terraces
Type of vines: Glera, Bianchetta e Flerera
Wine hectares: 77
Bottles produced: 900000
Editions: 2017, 2019
Azienda Agricola Andreola di Stefano Pola

Via Cavre, 19
31010 Farra di Soligo TV
Veneto / Italy

+39 0438 989379

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