Fratelli Marco di Danilo Marco

Piemonte / Italy

In ten years of hard work, we have restored the business of our family. Our vineyards are planted on the slopes of the Ivrea Morenico Amphitheater, an exceptional relief from the highest mountain glaciers in Europe. We work to produce wines that really say our subalpine territory, cultivating on historical terraces the historical vineyards of  Canavesano: Erbaluce, Nebbiolo Picotener, Barbera. 

Type of extreme viticulture: Terraces
Type of vines: Erbaluce, Nebbiolo, Barbera
Wine hectares: 1
Bottles produced: 3500
Editions: 2017, 2019
Fratelli Marco di Danilo Marco

Via Conte Francesetti, 23b
10010 Loranzé To
Piemonte / Italy

+39 0125 538354

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