Practical information

Vins Extrêmes will be held 30 November and 1 Dicember 2019 at the beautiful Forte di Bard in Valle d'Aosta

The Forte di Bard and Borgo di Bard complex is the new cultural pole of the western Alps. Through the restoration of the imposing Savoy fortress and certain adjacent areas, the interior of a single structure provides innovative spaces and services for culture and high-quality accommodations. The museum spaces were designed to combine the museum’s historical tradition with its educational mission that distinguishes the innovation vocation of the interpretation centre, a place to share and explain the land it represents, and the communicative power of the theme park, offering an engaging experience.

Visit the Forte di Bard website for more information

Where to sleep

Below is a list of the hotel facilities opened during the event near the Bard Fortress.(We thank ADAVA Valle d'Aosta Hoteliers Association for their availability. It is also possible to book on the site

Denominazione Indirizzo Località Telefono Email
Affittacamere Maison de Noé fraz. Revire Arnad 348/5101479
Hotel L'Armanac de Toubïe Loc. Clapey, 21 Arnad 0125/966939
Hotel Ad Gallias via Vittorio Emanuele II, 5/7 Bard 0125/809878
Hotel Cavour et des Officiers c/o Forte di Bard Bard 0125/833886
Ostello per la Gioventù Casa Ciuca via Vittorio Emanuele II, 24 Bard 0125/803382
Affittacamere La Maison des Vignerons Fraz. Grand Vert, 224 Donnas 347/4334936
Agriturismo Le Moineau fraz. Clapey, 173 Donnas 347/4167906
Agriturismo Lou Rosé fraz. Clapey, 203 Donnas 0125/804098
Bed & Breakfast Chez Annie via La Balme, 18 Donnas 347/7334635
Hotel Le Coeur du Pont via Principe Tommaso, 104 Donnas 0125/809378
Affittacamere Ristoro Saint Roch loc. Plan Priod, 2 Hône 0125/803283
Dortoir Auberge de la Gare via della Stazione, 1 Hône 327/9856078
Hotel Bordet Via E. Chanoux, 82 Hône 0125/803116
Affittacamere La Locanda del Maniero Fraz. Pied-de-Ville, 58 Issogne 0125/929219
Casa vacanze Maison Cassius fraz. Follias, 55 Issogne 328/2274467
Agriturismo La Grange Loc. Cascine Lys, 6 Pont-Saint-Martin 340/4153969
Hotel Carla Strada Nazionale per Carema, 104/106 Pont-Saint-Martin 0125/807281
Hotel Crabun Strada Nazionale per Donnas, 3 Pont-Saint-Martin 0125/806069
Hotel Ponte Romano piazza IV Novembre, 14 Pont-Saint-Martin 345/3247471
Affittacamere La Betulla piazzale Don Carlo Boschi, 5 Verrès 347/3359813
Hotel Saint Gilles via Circonvallazione, 119/A Verrès 0125/920148
Ostello per la Gioventù Libertas Il Casello via della Stazione, 79 Verrès 0125/921652

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