Casale del Giglio

Lazio / Italy

In 1967, Dino Santarelli, fascinated by the Agro Pontino, created "Casale del Giglio", in Le Ferriere, not far from the ancient City of "Satricum", in the province of Latina, about 50 km south of Rome. This territory represented, compared to other areas of Lazio and other regions of Italy, a new environment, all to be explored from the point of view of wine. Starting in the 1990s, his son Antonio, following the paternal intuition and with the collaboration of the young Trentino Oenologist Paolo Tiefenthaler, will develop an intense research and experimentation project, which has led to remarkable results. The Wines of "Casale del Giglio" have thus conquered, as first, the Roman and Lazio market, to then extend their presence nationally and abroad.

Type of extreme viticulture: Small islands
Type of vines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Trebbiano giallo,
Wine hectares: 164
Bottles produced: 1707000
Editions: 2019
Casale del Giglio Società agricola

Strada Cisterna–Nettuno Km. 13,00
04100 Le Ferriere LT
Lazio / Italy

+39 06 92902530

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